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Can't fight this any more!


My first post. Here goes!As a child I had many spiritual experiences. In my teens I some how managed to block what was happening to me through fear, and maybe because I had so many troubles in my life.The last time I seen my brother I held him tight and cried, begging God to keep him safe, he died 3 weeks later. He came to me not long after, on my birthday and put his hand on my face. For an hour after my face where he'd touched me felt numb.I had other experiences with my brother. We would talk to each other in my head, and one time I felt him pass through me. This left me dizzy and week.My dad passed away 4 years ago and since then my gifts have come through with a vengeance.I feel pain from others either before they are hurt, or during, I feel emotions, fear, grief, joy of others.I barely leave the house because of it.I have suffered CFS, and other physical and emotional trauma because of this ability. One year ago I decided I must be an empath.I started learning and researching, but have yet to discover how to help myself!Recently I crossed paths with a young man who had passed 10 years ago, his pain and sadness were immense. I talked to him and I believe I helped him to come to terms with his transition. This left me bed ridden for days.Just today I went to seek help with a counsellor at a holistic healing centre.Afterwards I went to sit on the wharf to think and clear my head. I have never been there before. While sitting there an older man came and stood next to me and threw stones into the water. I looked up at him, and he told me he had come to throw stones in the water for his son who was killed. His son had done this when he was alive.I began to cry and felt his pain.I have many other stories to tell, but I think I have said enough for now.My life is pretty messy at the moment, filled with a cocophony of noise and feelings from every where.I feel a constant urge to run.My kids keep me here.My relationship is a mess too, because of feelings which aren't mine creeping in and causing doubt in my mind.To any one who reads this, thank you.I'm here to learn and not feel so alone.Much love,Melissa
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