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01/30/16 08:49:07AM
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Energetic healing from narcissistic abuse


Reading your post brought back some difficult memories for me. My father was a narcissist also. As we move through life, we remove layers of dysfunction. One of the biggest was this very issue with my father. I appeared to be a threat to him. So he fought me even harder. He totally controlled my mother. I thought I was handling things OK, but being an empath, his dysfunctional attitude towards me moved into physical ailments. One of which was my gallbladder (where anger tends to be stored). After several gallbladder attacks, I went to the ER and was scheduled for surgery. While waiting to be rolled into the surgery suite, I pictured placing my father into my gallbladder, so that when the surgeon removed it, I would be free of my father's will. I felt totally at peace. The next morning, when the surgeon came into my room, he said he was surprised to see how bad my gallbladder was. In fact he said "it looked like an old man's gallbladder". I looked at my husband and smiled. From that point on when I would visit my parents, my attitude was very calm and non-reactive towards him. He didn't push my buttons anymore.

I hope that anyone doesn't let it go to this degree. A psychic friend of mine suggested a book called "Disarming the Narcissist". It helped me understand the narcissist way of thinking and also gave me tools to relate to him without it effecting me in a negative way.

Your answers will come.


10/06/13 03:35:24PM
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Are you interested an in Energy Healing event?


Yes, would be interested in this type of event.

Monday thru Friday evenings or Sat/Sun days.

Arizona time zone (Mountain)