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02/07/16 05:29:55PM
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Qi Gong - negative side-effects?


Hi Chris,I hope you don't mind me replying to your thoughts and experiences with qigong, with my own thoughts and experiences. About 8/9 years ago I met my tai chi instructor. and the things you talk about happened to me. When I would tell my instructor he guided me and pointed out how to change what I was doing to avoid those things. It's been a difficult path for me as I was never motivated, was afraid of everything, worried about the whole world and cried a lot. My instructor taught me a lot, but I was the one who had to put the work in. Tai chi and qigong work on your physically body, your mental state, and your emotions to bring them back into a state of balance. Then it works on spirituality, I like to call it inner happiness. It was a long hard road for me. There were many tears as past hurts healed. There were many muscle aches as I built muscle tone from the inside outwards.Today, many of my fears have gone, my anxiety and stress has gone, my confidence has grown. My physical ailments have corrected themselves. And my sensitivity has not become more fragile, it too is balancing. It has helped me to let go of a lot of stuff that was holding me back in life. My only regret is that I wasn't doing it from a much younger age and given the opportunity to enjoy life a lot sooner.I'm sorry for going on so long. I just wanted to share my experience with you. And I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.