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12/23/15 08:42:47PM
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Misreading or misunderstanding what I write or say


I find that this happens to me alot too. One of my friends and I often get into arguments bc she completely misunderstands what I'm talking about both online and in real life. I wonder if it's just that we're not clear enough on what we mean or maybe we view things in a different way than most other people do so it's hard for them to understand where we're coming from? As for this happening on your fansite, do you have a specific example of this happening just for reference? It could be that they agree with what you've already said and are just adding their two cents into the conversation by expanding upon what you asked. Do you ever reply back to people's responses and ask refined questions to any one person specifically? Or do you just ask a question once and see what responses happen? Sometimes people will misunderstand something especially online, and responding to one person specifically to clarify what you mean can help them understand what you're getting at and help others who read your comments understand you better before they add a comment.