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11/02/15 06:48:28PM
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Encountering resistance when trying to help people


I recently became aware of my empathic ability. I don't even remember how I arrived at the website, but when I read about empaths something clicked. It felt like I opened a whole new part of my mind. Immediately I felt a sense of comfort wash over me. Then rapidly almost as if I was looking at a film of my life. Everything came into perspective. I have experience an unusually painful life and have struggled to understand why. Now I feel at peace completely with my past. It's unexplainable.I think I may have opened myself up too much to people's vibrations tho. I have always felt people's emotions but now I'm having multiple encounters a day with people and am bombarded with so much at once about them. And I am aware of problems they have (not specifics but I know they are hurting for some reason) and also feel enlightened on how they can resolve or at least lessen their burdens. I have found with out fail tho that I am experiencing nothing but resistance. I am tuned in to the best way to approach them or in what way I can help (not giving advice straight out) but trying to put things in perspective for them. I am experiencing so much pain and anguish right now. I have completely accepted my empathic ability and finally feel like I know my purpose. But I can't feel all of this all the time. Why are people so resistant to me? Is this something anyone else has experienced?
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