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I need answers.


So I've always know in a little different. It all started when I was four. I started having reoccurring dreams. They stopped when I was 15 or 16. This is the dream: I would wake up in a place that went on forever. No walls just a white space filled with white boxes. I would look down and realize I was wearing a red jump suit and then I would remember that I was trying to hide from something. I'd try to fit in boxes and stuff and I'd hear this voice that would tell me no matter where I hid that he would find me. So eventually I stop hiding and I stand up and face what was chasing me. It was a man dressed in a suit who I knew was the devil. He would pull a gun out and tell me when he shoots me I'd never see my family again and I'll never get to meet Jesus; I was his. He shoots the gun and the bullet gets right in front of me and I wake up. Anyways I've always felt like I'm never alone. I feel like there is something or someone watching me always. The biggest thing is that I am so connected to the emotions of the people around me. I can tell when people are lying or somethings wrong even when they say there's not. Their emotions are contagious to me as well. If someone is really sad or happy I start feeling the same. I can tell you someone's back ground story after having a short convo with them. I need answers is this what you call an empath and does my dream mean anything?
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