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10/26/15 09:55:09PM
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Being such a sensitive empath, leading to addiction


Right now, I am struggling with alcohol, and the only reason I drink is because I can't control what or who I read, and I'm always left with negativity.. I try to avoid negative people or situations, leaving myself lonely and closed off anyways, but the negativity is so overwhelming, the only way I'm able to face the world around me is to start drinking.. I see that my drinking is only making things worse, but without anyone around me to help me deal with my sensitivities, I dont really know what to do, or how to even go about figuring this out.. and then there's the whole trying to explain to my partner about being an empath and how it works is damn near impossible.. I cant get my partner to understand that this "gift" affects my emotions, my physical body, my energy level, just about every aspect of my daily life, and i can't do anything about it..

I just want to know if anyone here can, at all??

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