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04/25/16 02:18:25PM
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I'm a CHRISTIAN and I believe with all my heart in CHRIST and I have this Gift!


Hi Martha. I am a Christian. I have read two amazing books by Carol A. Brown Highly Sensitive: The gift of Spiritual Sensitivity, and The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity. I think those are the names of the two books. They have helped me tremendously! Also, I'm relatively new to this whole sensitivity thing but I have read about creating a barrier in your mind to give yourself kind of a "force field" around yourself when you're in a room with people. I think there are other exercises on this site you can practice to help with the draining of your energy. I have been practicing the force field method and try to decide how much of the other person's energy I will let in. I try to practice this as much as I can and it has helped me. I hope this helps!