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09/11/15 07:01:13PM
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Locations with a higher frequency or energy?


Greetings cat whisperer...I reside in Redding, CA. Mt. Shasta located about 50 mile No., Mt. Lassen about the same East, and Trinity Alps about the same distance West. The energy here is profound. I have been here 19 years. We have Shasta Lake and Shasta Dam located at the northern tip of Redding. I have been challenged with the malevolent energies residing over this land due to the atrocities that took place here, and still are taking place here as we are so secluded many undesirables have made their way here. Higher levels, bigger devils...they say. Mt. Shasta is known as "Ghost Mountain" by the Native Americans, as it literally disappears. Mt. Shasta is also known as the Mystical Mountain due to the many testimonies of visitors. Definitely... locations everywhere have their own frequency, vibrations, etc.. For some individuals Redding area is heaven on earth, for others it is Hell on earth. This area has quite a reputation for powerfull forces for good and evil both.