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09/06/15 12:13:31PM
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Oh my, literally logged on for the first time and this is the first blog I've read. Totally where I'm at.

I meet such amazing people in my life with who I connect on such different levels with. Like you they are completely infatuated with me from the start, feel at ease with me straight away which makes them reveal their deepest thoughts and secrets. This then quickly progresses to me becoming their counsellor and as quickly as they come into my life they leave. Like ghosts they always come back. Loneliness or a bad patch arises and there back for a shoulder to cry on. I'm the hero, the one they will never forget, the different one, the healer, the special one, but never the one they want to keep?!

Everytime I get promised the world. I find it very difficult to let go of deep rooted connections so I always get hurt time and time again. I honestly don't think I can do it anymore, I obviously cant build healthy relationships with the opposite sex.

Is this it for me? Do I just help people to grow so they can move on and find happiness.

Can empaths ever find and maintain real love? Im just not sure. xx