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Jessie Lobstere
08/09/15 01:18:08PM
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Could there be empaths or other those with other gifts who are not involved into their gift or talk about it?


i have always been able to identify that i empathize but i used to have anxiety attacks and pass out in crowds. now that i have accepted and recognized that this is an ability and not a curse, it is a lot easier to cope with the chaos. I spent the last decade in denial, in isolation, being apathetic and thinking that i hated people. then i met some people who understood and could empathize with ME, and everything changed. i feel sociable and loving now, and ever since i found this comfort level all of my other psychic tendencies are really starting to become apparent. but i would imagine there are more empaths who hide from themselves and stifle their abilities simply because they dont understand it than there are those of us who have embraced it.