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Hi, I'm new here and only very recently discovered that I am an empath. I have had a lifetime of mental health problems and in recent years have found my peace with that and survive. Last year I had some counselling and through that realised a lot of my problems were down to being an introvert and feeling that I didn't fit into the world easily. More exploration of the infj personality has made a lot of things suddenly make sense and I realise I am not ill, I'm an introvert. It was a huge relief to read more and more about what that meant and to realsie there is nothing wrong with me! Further exploration has led to me realising now that I am an empath - sensitive in particular to people's feelings, animals and plants too. I am now starting a new journey to explore what this means and to open new understanding of what it means to be an empath and how do I go forward in life. Looking forward to this.

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