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09/14/16 07:28:46AM
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Do people affect you remotely?


It happens to me daily. Sometimes I just need to think of my mom and the phone will ring and it's her. It also happens to anyone that has crossed my path, including homeless people I meet on the street. I have come to a deep knowing that the person is on my mind because he need my help. I always send the person loving kindness by keeping a moment of quiet stillness for that person, seeing him/her engolfed in a loving bright light and sending love and peace. If the thought persists, I will reach out and contact that person and I find that they needed my help in one way or another. My ego gets in the way by telling me, "it's just a thought in your head, let it pass and think of someone else". I have learned to always follow my intuition , not impulsively, but by discernment. Sometimes the thought gets so "loud" in my head that it stops me in my tracks and I reach out. When that happens, I know it is Spirit and I act.