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Melissa Dinolfo
05/23/15 07:44:20PM
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Insanely new to this community


I have so much to say, but no words that seem appropriate to express my feelings. Maybe because I'm still confused on what my feelings actually are about All of this. I've always had an intense awareness of my intuition. I rely on it rather often when I can't pinpoint my feelings on something. I've taking numerous Empath tests they all are very clear I am an empath and that doesn't surprise me. I just don't know what that means. I'm an Empath, now what? I'm having such problems differentiating what are my feelings, what are other people's feelings, and when it is just my anxiety. I'm happy to find a safe space to explore all of this. Hopefully with better posts than this rambling one ;) Thanks for reading, I am looking forward to exploring this site.
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