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Sarah-Jane Thomson
05/19/15 08:21:36PM
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Would we frighten?


Ok so much earlier tonight I felt quite compelled and somewhat driven so respond to your above question, but as the night went on I discovered that what I was writing was not only a personal account from one Empath to another (who's fairly new on her journey) but was well much longer than one had expected, so I copied what I wrote then pasted it into my notes app on my iPad, and well continued to write my reply to you, it's quite some piece of writing that much so I have now finished it and saved it, but alas it's too long to paste back into this my question to yourself, is there anyway way that you might be able to tell me that I may forward on my piece of writing to you as I think it may be something that could be of interest to email is, if you message me then I could send it on to your email in reply...but believe me it was written with a lot of thought an I feel now that it's finished to give it the justice it deserves I would very much like to pass on my thoughts so that you might like to give me feedback on this...with many many thanksSarah-Jane