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10/23/16 09:15:41PM
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Car crash dream came true


Two nights ago I had a dream in which I was involved in a horrible car crash but I survived the crash, it felt so real and it was absolutely insane.
Yesterday I found out there was a crash in the same freeway my dream took place, two young guys died on the crash and one of them is currently on the hospital in critical condition.
Can someone please please tell me if my dream had anything to do with this? I don't know any of the guys involved.
My dream felt very real and I can't stop thinking that maybe I could have done something to protect them, but mainly I don't want to ever dream something like that.
Why did I dreamed that and why did the accident happen just like my dream?
Please tell me if anyone has ever been through this.
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06/30/15 11:59:42PM
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Overwhelming emotions


Hi so I found out I was an empath some few months ago, and at first I was really confused ans overwhelmed by all the information about it so I tried to ignore this whole thing for some weeks, but now I've been having really bad days and my mood keeps going up and down, I've had several melt downs and now most of nights I spend them crying or just thinking how useless I am or how unworthy I am, am afraid sometimes I even have suicidal thoughts, and that just seems wrong and weird because I have no reason to be like this, I have some problems but they are not the big deal,So I was wondering if someone could tell what is going on with me? how can I stop this? Are this my emotions and if not how could tell them apart?I don't know if this is part of being an empath, I tried to ignore this but I'm not sure I could do it anymore.I don't know if someone could help me but I will really appreciate it.
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