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23rd September 2015

By Fly~Robin~Fly, 2015-09-02

Why is there so much chatterregarding 23rd September 2015? Thereseem to bemany different thoughts/predictions/ideas?

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By Fly~Robin~Fly, 2015-04-30

I ampresently an outsider looking in, quietly observing. I am not the only one ... it seems.

Unusual dynamics.

Thetrue fightis not about light and dark. Therealfight is to maintain balance. Nature needs balance.People need balance. The Universe needs balance.

The dangling carrots aredecomposing and turning rancid right before our eyes.

The great pretenders are withering.

The energy thieves are fast running out of fuel, and they know it!

Hooray for the energy givers, the kind hearted, the quiet achievers, the earth angels, the care-givers, and those with humble patience.

Hooray for those with integrity, honesty and fairness.

Hooray for those who maintain the balance.

I think of you with warmth and kindness.

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Why are people choosing to live in fear?

By Fly~Robin~Fly, 2014-12-07

Too manypeople are living in fear...

Fear of the unknown...

Fear of invisible forces...

It is a primitive emotion. There were times when we needed fear to kick in... and sometimes still do. Unfortunately though, with a roof over our head and food in our stomachs, we are spending too much time allowing our imaginations to fill the void.

We don't fear being eaten by a wild animal everytime we leave the house... so we watch the news to scare ourselves insane and give us anxiety.

We fill the void with artificial fear. We worry about what might happen, rather than what is actually happening. The plane we are going to fly on might fall out of the sky... The car we are travelling in might crash...

Sometimes we are so desperate for an adrenaline rush we might go on a roller-coaster, or parachute from a plane. We sometimes like scaring ourselves, because it fills the void.

Why can't we just be...

Why can't we just be at peace...

Why do we need to replace our old primitiive survival fear ...with new imaginary fears?

Thetruth is -we don't need to live in fear.

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