Terrified for college..HELP!!

By: erikarachel7
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Tomorrow I move into my dorm room as a freshman in college. I have never been more scared in my life. Large amounts of people terrify me..the energy and the interaction makes me so weak and worn down. I even graduated high school early because I was starting to go crazy. I have no friends where I am going. The two friends I have who truly understand me..empathic gift and all- aren't going to the same school and I feel horrible. I don't know how to connect with new people and I don't even want to because I am so scared. I feel like I can't connect with people. I am always paranoid that people don't really like me. Also, my panic attacks are always in excess during change...I just don't know how I am going to cope. I just want to sit in my cozy sanctuary of a bedroom and be calm and happy and alone until my last day on earth....a little dramatic I know but this is how I feel!!!!Any words of advice are so appreciated...thankful for this community

Kit Kat
08/16/15 11:40:31PM @kit-kat:

I definitely know what you mean about wanting your own sanctuary for the rest of your life.. that's how I feel, too! :)

Having been to college recently, with the whole dorm situation, I can agree completely that it's a lot to take in, and a lot to adjust to. If you're like me, then you do really well with consistency and routine, though, and I've found that, from the four semesters I've been through, it's not too hard to get used to a particular schedule for every day of the week (not necessarily perfectly predictable, but pretty reliable). That's one thing that has really helped me.

I agree with everything Waxing Gibbous said - all excellent advice! Getting enough sleep is SO critical, especially for us empaths. So also, I recommend buying earplugs, just in case, and potentially an eye cover thing to block out light. Earplugs have practically saved my life in the past!

Change is incredibly difficult... I can't even tell you how much I wish I could make it easier for you. What you wrote is so much like what I went through, and I'm sorry you have to go through this! A lot of it I went through without even knowing I was an empath - so at least you're already ahead of me there..

Probably my best advice is to find friends by using your empathic abilities to understand people around you. Most people want to be understood, I've found, and even if they don't turn out to be as close as your two best friends, they still can be good friends, which is better than feeling isolated. (Plus, you can always come to this site, too, and we can hopefully help)

When I was at school I relied on communication with my parents a lot. We would Skype every week :) which may sounds excessive, but it helped me cope so much.

Don't be afraid - trust the feelings that you have, breathe, look for the good in people, keep in contact with your close friends, give yourself treats (such as listening to music you like), tell yourself it won't be forever, and always stick with the truth.

I really wish you the best. I know how hard it is to be an empath and a college student, too. But the great thing is that you know a lot of the things that you need, and if you make your good health (physical, spiritual, and emotional) a priority, don't push yourself into too many new situations at once, and basically give yourself a lot of slack, especially during this challenging time, I believe you can make it!

(Sorry this message is pretty lengthy :/ But here's a list of relaxing songs, that might be helpful :)

Phil Collins- One More Night

Owl City- Vanilla Twilight

Enya- (basicallyanyEnya songs) I really like Afer Ventus, Wild Child, China Roses, Silver Inches

The album called Ocean Light, byPaul Michael Meredith

Amos Lee- Colors

John Denver- Welcome to my Morning, Looking For Space, Shanghai Breezes, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Rocky Mountain High, Sunshine on my Shoulders

James Taylor- Carolina in my Mind, Something in the Way She Moves, Fire and Rain

Art Garfunkel- Bright Eyes

Josh Groban- Remember When it Rained, Higher Window, Awake, Broken Vow, To Where you Are

Jim Brickman- Beautiful World

Jonsi- Hoppipolla, Why Not?

Patrick Doyle- Who is She, Strong (Instrumental)

Greg Laswell- Comes and Goes, Your Ghost, In Front of Me, This Woman's Work

Coldplay- Sky Full of Stars, Yellow, The Scientist, Fix You

One Direction- Once in a Lifetime

Iron & Wine- Flightless Bird

Sting- Fields of Gold

Lori True- May the Road Rise to Meet You

Dido- White Flag, Don't Leave Home, Life for Rent, See the Sun )

08/17/15 05:24:23AM @erikarachel7:

Thank you both for taking some time to help me out- I can't tell you what that means to me!! I was in a state of "almost a panic attack" all yesterday...but I feel okay now. It will be really hard but I am trying to take it day by day. Thank you guys!!!

Kit Kat
08/17/15 09:57:40PM @kit-kat:

You're welcome! I'm so happy to hear you're doing better. Taking life a day at a time is always the best :)