Empath Love!!!!!!!!

By: erikarachel7
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I just have such a full heart tonight. I have seen so much suffering, sadness, and confusion among us empaths lately. Remember to honor your heart and give it what it needs. Follow your intuition. Have a night in for yourself. Meditate, journal, reflect, dance, sing...whatever makes your heart soar. Love you friends...hope you are all doing ok. Please message me if you are in need of a friend. We get so caught up in the external...try to recharge this weekend- you ALL deserve it. Much love, Erika

08/06/15 02:48:04PM @alexa:

Thank you for the lovely reminder Erika! I feel like I've been so caught up on everyone's sadness that I began to truly feel it myself. I haven't given myself the chance to cleanse and free myself from external energies but it's time to meditate and let go of it all. Sending you much love & good vibes.

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