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I'm changing. It's definitely for the better but it all seems so surreal to me at the moment. This past summer I learned I was an empath, and I think I lucked out because I've been one my whole life and have never had to struggle much with it. I some how natuarally learned to adapt and it's always been a blessing and a gift to me. I found this community and learned and grew even more in my gift. A few months after joining I learned I am also a lightworker (at least I'm fairly sure of it). Once I learned this I began researching and learning about that aspect of myself and I really enjoy and embrace it.But now I feel there is more in me that is coming to the surface and changing me yet again, but this time I have no idea what it is. Most recently I have been receiving the messages in my dreams that I am changing yet again. I am excited to learn what is coming, but I don't know just yet how I am supposed to be figuring out what this new thing is. I had a dream in which I pulled a large cloth out of my forehead and I woke up feeling the cloth was a block or a negative thing within myself that I had removed. A few nights later I had a dream and in the dream i woke up and there was bright white/rainbow light pouring out of my mouth. I woke up from this dream feeling like I now am able to let out this light that was blocked by whatever I removed when I removed the cloth in the previous dream.A few weeks ago I saw a memory of my dad's as he was talking about it. I've always had the ability to just know and understand things, but up to that point I had never SEEN them. It was like a movie in my head.During meditations I feel myself connecting to the source more easily and a lot stronger. I feel like I'm neing prepared for what's coming soon during these meditations.I have more internal strength and courage than I've ever had in my life before. I think this is being brought on because I'm questioning things a lot less. Somehow I just KNOW more. I'm sure of things now that I could only speculate on before.I'd like to start doing research to try to figure out what this next change is that is coming but for the first time I don't even know where to start looking. I have absolutely no clue what all of this is or where I'm headed with it. I feel good about it and I'm actually excited.
Emmy Long
12/15/14 12:27:30PM @emmy-long:
Krosskelt: yes I have seen that before. Thank you for reminding me of it, it's a great list. I do definitely think all of this is part of the ascension process. I'm just wondering what it means is going to happen next for me. which I guess is really a loaded question because who really does know what happens once we've. Implored ascension or if completion ever really happens. I think I will read over that list again though to see if anything new jumps out at me now that these new things are happening. It's definitely a good start so thank you!DoorMa: yes of course it's ok to be excited. Haha I am too. I've just always been somebody who needs answers (you know that though) and I'm not always the most patient person. It's killing me right now that I don't know where this is headed. I don't even have the tiniest idea yet. Hopefully I'll find out soon!
Emmy Long
12/15/14 12:29:08PM @emmy-long:
That was supposed to say "once we've completed ascension" not implored. Haha. This auto correct on my phone always ends up making me look silly.