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This is what I know

By: Emmy Long
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For the past couple of weeks I had been feeling very unsettled and didn't know why. Today after a chakra clearing meditation I found myself again. After some reflection I was finally able to gather y normal thoughts and perspective again. I guess I may be writing this for myself to go back and read next time I find myself in a similar "funk", but I'll share it for others to read too.This is what I know:Love and happiness are always there even when I can't feel them. And if we need a little help seeing them, the best way to focus them is by being them for others.It's much easier to feel good than it is bad. Next time I'm feeling so negative, all I need to do is focus on the positives. Our world is what we perceive it to be.Patience is a virtue. If something doesn't work out right away, it doesn't mean it never will. And if I waiting for something to happen, obsessing about it won't make it happen any sooner.Sometimes, people are mean. Not everyone is as sensitive as myself, and I shouldn't expect them to be. In fact if everyone were as concerned about others as I am, things might not get done. So next time somebody aggravates me with their insensitivities, I will remember it takes all kinda for the world to go round.The world isn't always fair right away, but things even themselves out over time. You'll get yours and they'll get theirs. Eventually.Dogs are better than people sometimes. If I'm feeling like there's no hope left in humanity, I can always turn to my Lola Baby for love and endless kisses.Cruelty stems from lack of understanding. I like to believe that if people actually FELT the hurt they caused, they would stop. I'll try to think of that next time somebody is mean. Because remember, people are mean.Lastly, I'm not perfect and never can be. To expect that of myself is unreasonable and will always lead to disappointment. But I AM good enough.Love you all of you empath community. <3
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Wise words... thank you for sharing with us :)