coming out of the Empath closet

By: Ember
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Hello fellow Empaths

I feel compelled to put this out here today.  I am sitting behind my keyboard gripped with fear, anxiety and every other overwhelming emotion.  I have decided that I am not going to hide in the Empath closet any longer!  I am going to start being true to myself and to others.  I am going to let people know I am an Empath and what that means in my life.  Now some people may not know how to take that.  That's fine.  I have a feeling people I know are going to think I am crazy and that's fine.  But I can no longer hide who I am for the sake of others.  Because honestly, as an Empath it is making me ill.  If I am sick then I am no good to anyone else.  

I have known I am Empath now for many years and I practice trying to protect myself.  But lately, it's been difficult.  There have been alot of personal issues going on in my life and I have had a chance to re-evaluate it.  Now I have decide to take my life in a whole new direction.  A direction that I know in my heart is going to be the best for me.  

To be honest the whole thing terrifies me.  I am really fearful of doing this.  Stopping and switching rails mid-way through your life is hard.  

I can not live in fear any longer!  The longer I live in fear the longer it wins.  The longer I stay ill.  Today, I am standing in the face of fear.  I am opening the closet door and stepping outside!  Who know's where it is going to take me, but I know it can only get better because worse has already happened!  

I wish you all a wonderful day, and please be true to yourself!  Let us all stop hiding our Empath selves because we can only make the world a better place!



03/29/17 09:06:22PM @empphire:

Hi Ember!

I am new to the empath world, and joined this community about a day ago. Everyone here seems really supportive and genuinely willing to help or offer advise as we are all going through the same things. I think we are in good hands :)

04/17/17 09:03:42AM @peter:

Yes yes and yes I totally get the "fear" thing. Some days it seems everyone iinteract with is openly fearful of the universe and all it offers. Congratulations on stepping away from it. Most das i can openly laugh at fear and how many ways it continuously tries to manifest itself in my world. Being open about your empath is a beautiful thing. Embrace it and be you. It won't be long before the universe places good things along your path.