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@eliselebeau • 4 weeks ago • comments: 0
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New! Heart Shielding: Rhodonite with Flowing Spirals
Healing Crystals for Sensitive People Shields up! Sometimes it takes more than a loving heart to deal with toxic people. When you're heading into a rough day, let...


11/25/07 11:23:12AM @eliselebeau:
You are both very welcome!
01/29/14 01:05:05PM @inlanddan:

Hi Elise, I too would like to thank you for the website and intend to donate next month to help keep it going. I feel like it is worth it to me to have a place I can learn share and try to help others if I can.

03/28/14 10:14:20PM @flyrobinfly:

Hi Elise. Are you okay? I just felt thatI should ask? You do such a wonderful job of looking after everyone else. We appreciate everything you do Elise.

09/20/14 08:01:01PM @inlanddan:

Hi Elise, when I send donations do you have my name even if my email address is different? I have done it quite a few times when I can.

Dan : )

04/04/15 08:03:18PM @michelle3:
Hi Elise thank you for this wonderful community. I had an email reading done by you approx a week ago and I only received part of it. Cut you off mid sentence at 4 min 55 seconds. Lol. Is there anyway to get the entire reading? Thanks!Michelle
05/23/15 03:34:19PM @peaceonearth:

Thank you so much for this website!

06/07/15 08:28:13AM @mintyempathy:
Just like to say i love your profile elise and i am very happy to be apart of this commuinty
11/02/15 11:52:43AM @moon:

Hi Elise, I'm back on this forum after a long absence - work, family and all kinds of things have been devouring my time and energy. I'm back now because I need to be! I just wanted to say thank you for this much-needed forum. It is so comprehensive and endlessly fascinating as well as comforting. I'm sure I speak for everybody on this form when I tell you how much I appreciate all the time and effort you must put into it. Many, many thanks! Patricia Dunn (moon)

11/02/15 02:32:02PM @moon:

Thanks Elise. Trying to send back a red ribbon but won't send. I'll try again later

11/05/15 05:33:56PM @peaceonearth:
Red Ribbon
05/11/16 06:41:07PM @peaceonearth:
Thanks for kicking the spammer off :)
02/14/17 08:48:08PM @soothsayer4:

Dr. Lebeau,

Please contact me on private messaging.  I have concerns about a post.

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