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02/24/14 01:38:56PM @bing:
Red Ribbon
08/31/14 06:45:53AM @4peace:

You are my first friend :) Thanks for the link on housecleaning!

Sending peace and light!

10/01/14 08:30:59PM @pat-starbridge:

The book is just a guideline, not that you have to be related to the people - it is fiction. But, it gives an example that we live in a world of many dimensions all existing at the same time. You may be drawn to the life of a Buddhist monk, but it may be because there are unfinished lessons there. We have so many lifetimes and all are varied and complex

10/30/15 04:24:56PM @lavenderrose:

I relate to a lot of what you say, too!

02/18/16 08:04:55PM @lotusfly:
Thank you, Ecila! Take care of yourself. I enjoy your paranormal/supernatural topics :) Keep writing! Love, Lotusfly
10/31/16 06:37:01PM @ecila:

If I don't reply to a friend request it is because I can't figure out how! I've been on the road and think I missed some.