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Random Thoughts on Healing

By: Ecila
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Life at its best is an act of creation. We create works or art, houses, children, friendships. The perversion of that is destruction. Sometimes we actively engage in the destruction of ourselves and our lives, abusing and neglecting our bodies and physical health, allowing unhealthy mental states to rule our thoughts, cultivating wrong friendships and lifestyles. Focus on creating the person who is dwelling inside, the one who has been beaten down and stifled by by the absurd people and life events. What is beneficial is ultimately is the same as what is truly desired. Shine a bright light on the self-sabotage. Set flames to the thoughts that wear you down. Cut out the people who drain your soul. Begin work on the masterpiece that lies hidden somewhere inside, the work of art made by divine providence that longs to be seen and heard...that must be seen and heard if life is to be lived...if these beings that are us are to ever really live.

This morning I write the thoughts that disturb me and burn them. The physical and mental housecleaning is renewed with intensity and determination.

09/08/15 06:48:34PM @lightwarrior:

Great thoughts for healing, going to try burning thoughts that disturb me, too! Amen<3