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By: Drile
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Hello all! My name is Drile, and if any of you have seen my discussion in the empath life, entitled, 'My Story', then you'll have a little bit of background to what this post is about.

So, I've recently been engaged into my full Empath power, and it's only been a week, but somehow, time goes longer for me; not slower, but longer. Like, an hour in real-world time would be a day in Drile-time. :) Anyway, I've basically gotten used to it more-or-less and I know that this is odd to say, but I'm enjoying it. **calm smile** And I'm really rather good at separating other's emotions from mine, even though I still feel them as my own. And it really is quite great. I think that I enjoy it because I get a more in depth understanding of people than a lot of other people, and I really quite like it, especially because I was diagnosed High-Functioning Autistic when I was nine (fourteen now, but feel a million years older :) ) and I never thought that I'd be able to understand other people, and now I do, and it's amazing!!! **does an end-zone dance**

Who else loves their empath-ness? :D

10/22/15 09:56:36PM @rene:
I do, I do,