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What happened the day you were born?

By: Dice
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I got curious about events that may have happened on the day I was born, and found it quite interesting. Watch out world here I come moment?> :) Interesting none - the - less. Mom went into labor on 4/3/74...and I was born on 4/4/74. Premature by exactly one month.. I find I have always questioned how 9 months figures into what our traits will be and if that is disrupted when that cycle is not complete. Have asked this question before but suspect I have more qualified people than ever to help sort this out. Light and Love ~ Candice Oh..and my dad passed on April 23rd 2011..just weird. Neat to look back and see what it was like when I born.. although many passed as I was coming in..

TheSuper Outbreakis the second largesttornado outbreakon record for a single 24-hour period, just behind theApril 2528, 2011 tornado outbreak. It was also the most violent tornado outbreak ever recorded, with 30 F4/F5 tornadoes reported. From April 3 to April 4, 1974, there were 148tornadoesconfirmed in 13USstates, includingIllinois,Indiana,Michigan,Ohio,Kentucky,Tennessee,Alabama,Mississippi,Georgia,North Carolina,Virginia,West Virginia, andNew York; and theCanadianprovince ofOntario. It extensively damaged approximately 900 square miles (2,330 square kilometers) along a total combined path length of 2,600 miles (4,200km).[1]

The Super Outbreak of tornadoes of 34 April 1974 remains one of the most outstanding severe convective weather episodes of record in the continental United States. The outbreak far surpassed previous and succeeding events in severity, longevity and extent, with the notable exception of the April 2011 Super Outbreak. With a death toll of over 300, this outbreak was the deadliest since the1936 Tupelo-Gainesville tornado outbreak. Its death toll would also not be surpassed until theApril 2528, 2011 tornado outbreakkilled 324 people.

01/22/13 09:36:29PM @dice:

Actually it wouldn't make it less important.. it would give me a direction to start. Sometimes I get stuck and reach too far looking to make connections -- and I need a focal point. I am aware of my short-comings and still learn every day. Thank you.. :)