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A loved one preparing to move on..

By: Dice
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I have been very emotional the last few weeks and now it has been made clear as to why.

My family prepares to let my mom go.

It is has been very emotional for me because despite my different ways of "viewing" the world she has always encouraged me to be myself. She has never faulted me for my sesitivity/inspirations or made me feel as though it was something to be ashamed of. Letting go would not be so hard if she was not one of my biggest fans.

Having said that I know that she is physically exhausted and in a great deal of pain. I have to acknowledge that if I were in her shoes I don't know that I could fight like she has. She is an example of never giving up no matter how bad things are, but also that when even when the fight is almost over that there also has to be a choice about quality of life for the remainder of her time here.

I am glad to have had "borrowed" time with her and grateful that because of the technology today, my kids have been able to know her when they would not have otherwise. We are loosing the family matriarch, but she does not go without very solid instruction for myself and my siblings to be closer to each other.

All of her doctors tell her that they wish all of their patients were like her. She loves to make people smile despite everything she has been through.

I am also glad that I have had time to spend with her to prepare for this special transition. She will "walk through the door into the next room".. as she puts it. From my experiences and what I have seen I know that this is true. They never really leave us and if you listen closely you canstill use your senses to know they are there.Iexperience thiswith the family and friends who have already gone.

I wanted to share this for anyone that is facing the loss of a loved oneeither suddenly or over a period of time. They never really leave, they just step into the next room.

Much Love,