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Mediation & Empathy

By: Dice
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I do not practice mediation as a profession though I keep finding myself being sought to do it.

I have recently become aware of the darker side of trying to help others on a whole new level. Though this was gradual over a period of years, I found myself to be in a situation with friends where I had tocut ties altogether.

Where a mediator would try to help find a common ground or place so that communication is possible,I found myself being used as the common ground. Lesson learned but I thought I would share for those of you that might find yourself in a situation such as this. This became an extreme drain because I have been doing this over a period of years.. before becoming a member here.

I love my friends and am saddened that I have had to distance myself from them. The hurt is my inability to set the boundary where I should have. They will not go to professionals or take accountability for their actions causing the disconnect in their relationship.

Be Aware. There are many that do this every day without knowing it. If proper steps are not taken to keep yourself out of the pitfall I found myself in it can really be hurtful for everyone.