From Thought to Creation

By: DevOnEarth
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This is truly profound! When open to hearing the answers of life, they WILL be heard! This happens every time there is a conscious effort to seek an answer to a question. Sometimes through writing, sometimes through others writings, sometimes through meditation and sometimes through a random thought. Sometimes it is instant and other times it takes years. We are in a constant dialogue with God, the Divine, the Creator, the Universe, your Higher Self, however you approach your Truth. Sometimes, it is hard to pay attention to this conversation. Sometimes, weve created a reality so far from our Truth that it is hard to tell what is our mind (or ego) and what is our Truth. Sometimes, other people are pushing their Truths so intensely on you, that you try to adopt that Truth as your own.

But what ifjust considerthere is no right or wrong. Just experience. What if we are here to experience life and to remember who we are? Not as a human being, but who we REALLY are. What if all these different paths we take all end up in the same place, eventually? What if we are God experiencing God in every different way? That would take a lot of pressure off us.

What are we all striving for anyways? What are we looking for? Perfection? What the cuss is perfection!? Who gets to decide what is and is not perfect? I certainly am not one to judge.

Lets roll with the idea of perfection, just for fun. What if everything and everyone was perfect, all the time, since all time, for all time. How would you know that you were in this state of perfection if you have never experienced imperfection? You might have an idea of perfection, but you wouldn't be experiencing it. It would be a conceptual perfection. Until you bring in the other side of the equation and find a way to experience both, you would not know perfection itself. Which leads to my next set of questions

What if God is truly All That IsPerfection, you might say, and God wanted to experience this perfection, to experience itself? How would God do that? Perhaps, through Creation? Creating in its image souls that can experience different levels of consciousness and life? I think it is very possible. Going off that, it means we are each a different perspective of the experience of God. Which means, we are God as a collective whole. BLASPHEMY! Right? I dont think so. Even in the Bible it says God is omnipotent, everywhere and everything. Well, we are something! That means we, too, are part of God.

Whether you choose to believe that or not, it doesn't matter! It all comes down to YOU being AWESOME. At all times, no matter what you do, what you say, you are and forever will be awesome. You may have forgotten, but you can remember. You may not like something in your life, but you can change it. What is your Highest thought about yourself? Ponder that and come back later to see my post on what comes after the thought. We are all Creators and our realities are our masterpieces.

*This post is inspired by the book, "Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue" by Neale Donald Walsh. Grab a copy! You wont regret it. <3

Bill Walker
11/12/13 04:17:48PM @bill-walker:

I agree with everything you said here. It's very enligtened. But sometimes I wonder if pehaps God does not know the outcome of every different kind of experience so that each one of us is actaully filling in the blanks as we move along. Then we would truly be cocreaters of the universe.

One more thought to ponder here: What if, I'm not saying I'm right, there are two kinds of energy, light and dark, and we as humans as well as all living things are mixed up in this light and dark soup and our job is to absorb the dark energy in little tiny gulps and filter it back out as light and God energy. Then we really are a part of God that the universe needs to create and grow from, which also means that true sin would be impossible, it's a part of the ultimate plan. In other words, like you stated above Devon, we are God in every sense of the word working towards perfection. Like you said, whatever that is? Which means if you can't truly define perfection you will never get there.

11/13/13 12:50:19PM @devonearth:

Awe, thanks Chuck! You're pretty awesome yourself ^_^

Bill, some interesting points! I don't disagree with what you are saying. I can't say I know the answers either but it sure if fun to speculate, eh? I do believe that with free will comes filling in blanks. I mean, that would be our choices! Thus creators. I like that term, "fill in the blanks." It gives the power back to the individual, the very power they give away so quickly.

On the dark and light topic, I've pondered that a lot and I can't say I've had any experiences of enlightenment on this. I think that 'darkness' would be different to everyone, depending on their perception. As empaths we know all about negative energy from others, is that the same darkness? There would be no need for shielding if everything was all light. In fact, I think it would be very boring if it were!

Bottom line, I believe if you can change your perception and observe your life from the soul that you are and not get caught up in the thoughts, emotions and activity, then you can create a beautiful existence... if you want to! It has always been strange to me why people put their lives in the hands of other humans, whether its spiritual leaders, governments, banks, etc. If everyone knew the power they have create, we could all be so much happier!

11/14/13 05:18:27PM @devonearth:

Hey Lightworker! Thanks for taking the time to read and reply!

I'm pretty hard to offend these days as it is clear to me I know nothing about anything, haha. Sometime I feel like my Truth changes daily! Just part of the journey!

I don't want to misinterpret this book, these are just my thoughts after reading it. So, perhaps I put too much emphasis on the word perfect. Really, my main point I was trying to share is you can feel content with your life no matter what the situation, emotions, etc. are. Some people need a boost in confidence before they believe they are worth something, so I really like the analogy of being part of God and therefore you must be awesome, haha.