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A Glimpse into my Truth

By DevOnEarth, 2014-05-09

I have a lot of feelings... We all do here!

I feel them all very distinctly, differently, and immensely. I am very sensitive and because of that, new feelings arise that I need to find a way to express words can be so limiting.

The example relevant to me right now is the feeling of Truth. Now, let me clarify that when I say Truth, I mean, my Truth. Something feels True to me, its something that aligns with who I am choosing to be. Therefore, Truth can be different for each person since we are all seeking individual experiences.

I like to daydream and sometimes it is me going within my heart and noticing the how I want to feel. I, then, imagine the thoughts, words and actions that I would take if I stayed in this state of a happy open heart which is just me being me fully. This is how I create my experience and reality. This is how I attract the good vibes and all my Truths!

These daydreams are my highest thoughts about who I want to be, I call this my Highest Self. When I am aligned with my Highest Self, my experience is full of love and joy. It is so appealing that I cant help but gravitate towards it. The glimpses of me being me fully are so wonderful why wouldnt I always be choosing that?! Simply put, anything that makes feel good aligns me with my Highest Self/Experience. Anything that does NOT make me feel good is only an indicator that it does not align with my Highest Self.

I am grateful for these indicators that keep me on track. Though, sometimes the experience is painful, scary or negative, it just makes me more grateful for those powerful happy positive feelings. The key is letting go of all feelings, just observe what they are telling you, take action and move on.

I havent really expressed any of My Truths yet I love nothing more than to share these because just thinking about them ignites awesome feelings.

My Truth involves

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Unity
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Generosity
  • Giving
  • Uplifting others
  • Healing
  • Teaching
  • Accepting
  • Being the change I want to see in the world
  • Illuminating any darkness that may find it way to me

and so much more!

We all have dreams for our lives and we all have these feelings that are leading us to the experience what we are all seeking.

I challenge you to bring those dreams in to reality.

So this makes me curious What are your Truths?

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From Thought to Creation

By DevOnEarth, 2013-11-10

This is truly profound! When open to hearing the answers of life, they WILL be heard! This happens every time there is a conscious effort to seek an answer to a question. Sometimes through writing, sometimes through others writings, sometimes through meditation and sometimes through a random thought. Sometimes it is instant and other times it takes years. We are in a constant dialogue with God, the Divine, the Creator, the Universe, your Higher Self, however you approach your Truth. Sometimes, it is hard to pay attention to this conversation. Sometimes, weve created a reality so far from our Truth that it is hard to tell what is our mind (or ego) and what is our Truth. Sometimes, other people are pushing their Truths so intensely on you, that you try to adopt that Truth as your own.

But what ifjust considerthere is no right or wrong. Just experience. What if we are here to experience life and to remember who we are? Not as a human being, but who we REALLY are. What if all these different paths we take all end up in the same place, eventually? What if we are God experiencing God in every different way? That would take a lot of pressure off us.

What are we all striving for anyways? What are we looking for? Perfection? What the cuss is perfection!? Who gets to decide what is and is not perfect? I certainly am not one to judge.

Lets roll with the idea of perfection, just for fun. What if everything and everyone was perfect, all the time, since all time, for all time. How would you know that you were in this state of perfection if you have never experienced imperfection? You might have an idea of perfection, but you wouldn't be experiencing it. It would be a conceptual perfection. Until you bring in the other side of the equation and find a way to experience both, you would not know perfection itself. Which leads to my next set of questions

What if God is truly All That IsPerfection, you might say, and God wanted to experience this perfection, to experience itself? How would God do that? Perhaps, through Creation? Creating in its image souls that can experience different levels of consciousness and life? I think it is very possible. Going off that, it means we are each a different perspective of the experience of God. Which means, we are God as a collective whole. BLASPHEMY! Right? I dont think so. Even in the Bible it says God is omnipotent, everywhere and everything. Well, we are something! That means we, too, are part of God.

Whether you choose to believe that or not, it doesn't matter! It all comes down to YOU being AWESOME. At all times, no matter what you do, what you say, you are and forever will be awesome. You may have forgotten, but you can remember. You may not like something in your life, but you can change it. What is your Highest thought about yourself? Ponder that and come back later to see my post on what comes after the thought. We are all Creators and our realities are our masterpieces.

*This post is inspired by the book, "Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue" by Neale Donald Walsh. Grab a copy! You wont regret it. <3

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