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Job Concerns

By: Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
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I've been working half-time for over a year because it was all I could find. I was supposed to find and analyze regulatory information on the Internet for the cosmetic, food and dietary supplement areas. Instead I've been working on tables in spreadsheets for the last two months. It is essentially data entry, which is very boring and tedious. No one has ever discussed this change with me. The boss of this small start-up company hasan unfair opinionabout errors I'vemade (I wasn't able to double-check my work before giving it to someone)and he has been unnecessarily and unprofessionally negative.Doesn't the work "careless" seem too personal to you too?I don't like thefeelings I'm getting about this man--this is not the firsttime--and I'd really like to leave. The job market in my area is nobetter than it was a year ago: people in health care or with professional degrees only, please. At 52 with over 24 years experience as an administrative assistant and with a B.A., I am over-qualified, over-experienced and over-age.