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A Spirit at Work

By: Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
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I believe there is a spirit at work. I don't know whom, but it's male. I've felt a spirit moving back and forth behind me as I worked at my cubicle. Friday night I heard a male voice say good-bye, but there was no one there to say it! I have in the past prayed for help at work, among other things. I wonder if it's a spirit who took my request to heart.

11/24/14 05:33:57AM @dice:

I have had similar experiences with a male and female voices..

Once the male kept telling me to "get up". It started soft but quickly escalated to a stern command. It was to get me up to find the kitchen on fire.. and the female simply whispered in my ear.."are you ok?". These two instances are the biggest ones in my mind because of what was happening at the time.

Other times I pick up on things that are not so much for me but for information about the person or message that needs to come through for someone else. Sometimes they will find someone not emotionally attached because it is easier to communicate and they are trying to get your help to do that.

I never asked who they are but I know they are there. I know one of them was attached to the place I worked and the other has been a guide for me in times of danger. I can only imagine how busy they are :)

The "supervisor" trying to tell you to go home? You have unseen helpers.. trust the process and keep your focus. If you get the opportunity you can ask who it is or if you can help. I did not do that when it happened to me.. but would now..