Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)

New Empath Community

By Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove), 2016-11-01

I am not sure about the new Empath Community site.  I don't know how to find the groups.  I'm not sure if I'm posting a message in a blog right.  I couldn't even find any information on it. 

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A Spirit at Work

By Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove), 2014-11-22

I believe there is a spirit at work. I don't know whom, but it's male. I've felt a spirit moving back and forth behind me as I worked at my cubicle. Friday night I heard a male voice say good-bye, but there was no one there to say it! I have in the past prayed for help at work, among other things. I wonder if it's a spirit who took my request to heart.

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Lost Love and Job This Month

By Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove), 2011-12-14

I lost my job today, but I'd been waiting for it to happen, all fall. That's the good and thebad thing about being an empath. I became physically and emotionally ill. It was a bad scene all around. The boss and the owner of the company hired me for skills he thought I possessed but didn't. As far as I can figure out, it was either a photographic memory or super-analytical skills. The method of management in the office was take away the project but never discuss it with me. I was hired to gather and analyze information on regulations for the cosmetic, food and nutrient supplement areas. After I discovered what the boss needed to learn but hadn't in six months, there was a large meeting to which I was not invited, and my position there went downhill from them. My responsibilitybecame data entry, which I really dislike. Working there was like living with an alcoholic again. Hardly any feedback. If there was any, it was usually negative. The rest of the time I was ignored. I strongly suspect that the mistakes of the young men overseeing me ended up on my plate, but my work was never discussed with me and certainly not with the owner of the company present. One of them made a major mistake this past week and I don't think it's a coincidence that I lost my job today. I can't prove anything of course. If these young men stay in this country, I think they're going to have a surprise.

This has been quite a month. It began with being treated quite badly by a man to whom I gave a second chance. He still hasn't let go of me empathically. I have been trying to. I don't really understandwhat's going on with him.I'm afraid the safest thing toassume is that he is mentally ill.

Anotherthing I needto assume is that the Creator really stacked the decks to get me out of that office. If I didn't, I'd be scared half to death of the position I find myself in right now.

As for work, I have 24 years of experience as an administrative assistant. In the last position I worked almost nine years in the information technology department of a health insurance company. I am very computer literate and can use more programs than most people. I am mostly self-taught. I also have several years' experience in historical research.

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Job Concerns

By Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove), 2011-11-21

I've been working half-time for over a year because it was all I could find. I was supposed to find and analyze regulatory information on the Internet for the cosmetic, food and dietary supplement areas. Instead I've been working on tables in spreadsheets for the last two months. It is essentially data entry, which is very boring and tedious. No one has ever discussed this change with me. The boss of this small start-up company hasan unfair opinionabout errors I'vemade (I wasn't able to double-check my work before giving it to someone)and he has been unnecessarily and unprofessionally negative.Doesn't the work "careless" seem too personal to you too?I don't like thefeelings I'm getting about this man--this is not the firsttime--and I'd really like to leave. The job market in my area is nobetter than it was a year ago: people in health care or with professional degrees only, please. At 52 with over 24 years experience as an administrative assistant and with a B.A., I am over-qualified, over-experienced and over-age.

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Looking For Work

By Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove), 2009-10-15
Like many people in this economy I lost my job in January and need to find another. I have over twenty years experience as an administrative assistant in a variety of offices. In my last position I worked for almost nine years in the information technology department of a health insurance company. I also have several years experience as a genealogist and historian. Just published is my peer-reviewed research paper in a New York State Museum bulletin. Please visit my profile at www.linkedin/in/debrawinchell to read my resume.Thank you.
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