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By: Daydra
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Hello friends :) I have created a youtube page where I share my thoughts/opinions on different topics. Please feel free to subscribe and share my videos with friends. Here is a video I did a few weeks ago about Self- Love. I hope you enjoy and find it beneficial. Also feel free to check out my other videos that I have on there as well. Love and Light xxx

Cheshire Cat
05/18/16 11:05:28AM @cheshire-cat:

Hi Daydra,

It was lovely to see how beautiful you are, inside and out, after "talking" to you on here. I liked what you said and your soothing tone of voice, but I had to put my face right up to the speaker to hear you at all. I'd blame it on my puny speakers, but I can hear most other videos just fine. Could you maybe turn the sound up a bit in the future? I hope you continue to make videos. Considering the way strangers talk to others online, I think it's very brave of you. kudos!

Namaste, Cheshire Cat

05/31/16 08:07:00AM @daydra:

Hi Cat thank you so much you are very sweet :) I am so glad to hear you enjoyed it. I know the volume was a little low sorry about that :) I am glad you still enjoyed it. I am looking forward to making more videos. I am just waiting for my new laptop or phone to arrive :D I feel it will be very soon. Take Care and it's good to hear from you. Love and Light xxx

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