Ascension Symptoms Video

By: Daydra
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It this video resonates with you friends. Right now our planet is going through a major shift and we are a part of it. We may not understand everything that is happening at this moment with our bodies and our minds but just know that you are okay <3 I hope this video my bring a sort of peace to you <3 Love and Light xxxx

Jay Barrientes
05/17/16 08:16:36PM @jay-barrientes:
Wow thank you for that .this has been happening to me and it is very disturbing some times because it is such an overwhelming thing for me I don't like it it comes over and is very depressing this video really helped
05/18/16 07:11:18AM @daydra:

You are so welcome Jay <3 I am so glad it helped you. Sending you lots of love and light xxx

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