Introduction to Meditation

By: Daydra
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I have been meditation for quite some time now and I have received such great benefits from doing this practice. It was a little challenging at first when I started to do it because my thoughts were running wild lol. With practice and determination I have been able to sit quietly and reap the benefits of this lovely practice. When I first started out I was trying to get every thought out of my head as it came to me which I learned was impossible because we cannot stop thoughts from flowing but we can learn how to control them as we get them. As they came I acknowledged them and allowed them to pass by. I did this by concentrating on my breathing. Whenever a thought would come up I acknowledged it but I did not follow it, instead I went back to concentrating on my breathing. Here is a brief definition of what meditation really is. Meditation is the act or process of spending time in quiet thought. What does that mean? it means doing something which helps you to quiet your mind and brings relaxation and ease to your body, mind and soul. Your traditional meditation consists of finding a quiet place to sit whether it be indoors or out with your legs crossed your eyes closed and being mindful as you inhale and exhale. It is said the longer you sit the more you will benefit from the practice which is true but I have found that even 5-10 minutes a day is just as beneficial. When you start out you may find that every day is different, you may sit for 20 minutes one day and 5 minutes the next day and that is fine. The best thing to remember is not to get frustrated or upset just go with the flow and allow yourself to sit for as long as you see fit for that day. Remember just like anything else it takes time to get into a routine of something new but just persist with it and remember practice makes perfect and before you know it you will be sitting for 30 minutes or even longer with such ease :) You can also have soft music playing in the background or even set up some candles . Everyone does it differently its just up to you to find what works best for you. If you find that this just isnt your cup of tea then maybe things such as going for a walk in nature, exercising, going for a swim, yoga and even going for a paddle along the water might work better for you. I believe we can look at these as a type of meditation as well. Essentially we are still relaxing the mind, body and soul. Its all about finding what works best you, you may end up trying a few different ones until the right one sticks. Just dont give up and be patient with yourself. It takes a lot of practice but when you look back and see how far youve come youll feel so proud.

Happy Meditation :)

03/09/16 07:27:44AM @lotusfly:

Woot! Meditation is nature's drug. Fortunately, there is no wrong way to meditate. The breath is the fills that in which is empty or lacking. Love your insightful posts, Daydra! Thanks for sharing your wisdom <3 Love and light and peace~

03/11/16 02:34:19PM @daydra:

I agree Lotus it is beautiful and it brings such calmness to the mind :) I love it! Exactly the breath is the key :) Thank you for your lovely comment my friend :) <3 Love and Light xxxx

03/12/16 07:59:40AM @dice:


03/12/16 11:57:45AM @daydra:

Thank you for your lovely smile Dice :) love to you xxx

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