Introduction to The Law of Attraction Part 2

By: Daydra
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Using the Law of Attraction takes some practice but when you get the hang of it boy do things start to flow to you with ease :) What makes it so great as well is we are able to attract the things we want into our life by being aware of how we are feeling. As I mentioned in part 1 of Introduction to Law of Attraction our Emotional Guidance system is the tool we use to let us know how we are feeling at any given moment. While you are reading this blog how are you feeling? Happy, joyful, excited, sad, frustrated, overwhelmed... I'm really hoping for happy and joyful :) but if not you can easy shift your thoughts to something better. Essentially a thought is just a frequency that we are sending out to the universe consciously or unconsciously but with being aware of how we are feeling on a day to day basis we will come to learn how to only send out good feeling thoughts to the universe so that we may attract good things, jobs and people into our lives. If you belief that this can not be done let me remind you that a belief is just a thought we keep thinking, (habitual thought pattern) so if we can get into the habit of being aware of how we are feeling when a thought comes to us and trust that your emotional guidance system will let you know if it's a good thought or not, eventually you will train yourself to reach for more better feeling thoughts and with the added bonus of just always feeling good :) Everything we want in our lives is so we can feel happy but why not feel happy now? by doing that not only do we attract good things into our lives but we appreciate them more when they show up because we've mastered how to be happy without them. So basically the more happy we feel the more things will flow into our lives and who doesn't enjoy feeling good all the time :)

Happy Manifesting friends :)

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