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By: Daydra
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There is nothing more important than self love and self care. There are a lot of people who will hear a person say " I practice self love everyday" and they will think that this person is being conceited. I assure you that practicing self love is in no way being conceited. There is nothing more important than caring about the way you feel and how you treat your body, mind and soul. This can be in so many different ways such as the food we eat, the things we watch, the people we socialize with, the things we listen to, the things we read and most importantly the things we say to ourselves(self-talk). It is so important to develop a healthy self-talk attitude towards ourselves. I have gotten into a healthy habit of practicing self- love and self-care by doing yoga and meditating daily and making the life style choice of becoming a vegan :) I have found such healthy benefits in this life style choice but mind you it took a lot of hard work, determination, dedication and patience but I'm very glad I stuck with it and didn't give up. I'm not saying that everyone should do as I do because we are all at different stages in this beautiful journey called life but we can take small steps towards a life goal that best suits us. The best thing I would recommend to do would be to find things in your every day life that you can do that will help you either start developing a healthy self love/self care attitude or to help you continue with it. There are a few affirmations that I enjoy saying from time to time when I need a little boost for that day such as, I AM HEALTHY, I AM LOVE, I AM CONFIDENT, I AM FEARLESS, I AM BOLD, I AM WORTHY. You can use these or you can come up with a few of your own to say daily whether in the mirror while brushing your teeth in the morning or while driving on your way to work or even just before you turn in for the night. There is also this lovely website that I have found that has daily affirmations that you can use as well. The website is It is a beautiful website with a lot of great stuff. I check it out daily and I'm always finding so many helpful things. It also has a free live radio station that broadcasts a variety of different topics to listen to as well. Loving yourself is caring about how you feel and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to feel good. Being happy and joyful is our BIRTH RIGHT :) Remember you matter, the way you feel matters and you deserve nothing but the upmost best in life.. always. Wishing you a beautiful and healthy journey to self-love and self-discovery <3

Love and Light xx

Cheshire Cat
01/27/16 11:34:40AM @cheshire-cat:

Thank you for the link! :-)

01/27/16 02:36:32PM @daydra:

You are most welcome Cat :) Love and Light xxx <3

01/27/16 02:37:02PM @daydra:

You are so welcome Aryi sending you love and Light xxx <3

01/28/16 09:59:31AM @lotusfly:

Thank you for your kind words, Daydra. I too am leaning towards a vegan lifestyle, one moment at a time :) Blessings to you~

01/28/16 01:31:15PM @daydra:

You are most welcome Lotus :) and you are absolutely right take one step at a time. All we really need to do is listen to our bodies it will tell us the steps we need to take :) Wishing you all the best Lotus. Love and Light xx

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