Happy Halloween..what are your thoughts about this holiday??

By: Daydra
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Hi everyone I was just wondering if there are any significance to Halloween. I'm just curious what everyone's thoughts are about this holiday. Some say it's about worshiping the devil and some say it's harmless fun to get candy and dress up in your favourite costumes.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear from people.

thank you in advance for your comment and Happy Halloween ( if it applies) :)

11/01/15 12:34:04PM @daydra:

I've actually noticed the same thing as well. I've started to buy more gluten free products now. I'm a vegan so I'm super caution as to what I put in my body, I listen to it if it doesn't like it then I no longer buy it. I still very much have a sweet tooth and if I do I bake something yummy I don't buy any cookies, or cakes outside. I'm still a sucker for chocolate though lol but I try to make it dark chocolate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

11/01/15 04:47:54PM @leafherder:
Happy Halloween (a little late)! Like any holiday, overcommercialized. I like it, though; it's the one time of year we get to be free beneath the mask of our choosing. The more originality and creativity, the weirder, the better, and I love to see the creatures that come to my door. I would like to offer something better in exchange for the show than candy. I want to reward creativity and the bravery to knock on a neighbor's door, not to make the visitors sick.This season and its waning light makes me think about all the things I don't understand, all that I never will, and all that I hold dear that has slipped away.I like the space between visitors to be grateful for what I have and take a breath in the face of my fears. Halloween is part and parcel of this, to me.
11/02/15 12:03:27AM @daydra:

Happy Halloween to you as well Leafherder :)

I love the way you're looking at it I've never thought of it like that before but you're absolutely right, the fact that we're being courageous and visiting our neighbors and for a brief second getting to know one another and sharing a laugh and smile :) thank you for sharing that.

11/02/15 12:17:21AM @daydra:

Waxing Gibbous that sound like you had such a fun childhood and I love how creative you got with your sisters costume :) how did she like spending the night being plugged in? I have great memories as well dressing up and I to didn't grow up with a lot of money. I can remember dressing up in all sorts of different costumes, for me I've always loved the idea of being someone or something different for that night :) my all time favorite costume is the pink ranger from the power rangers I really felt like I had super powers lol. I don't know if you're familiar with the show. I always went with my mom and brother and I always loved how my mom would dress up with us, she always went as a witch as well. I remember feeling like a made such a big accomplishment I was a very shy kid and the fact that I was talking to so many people in one night always blew me away I was so proud of myself and not to mention coming home with 2 or 3 bags of candy ( combined with my brother). My mom always made sure we went and got fun costumes. It was truly great memories I'm so grateful to her for that. Now I don't so much dress up but I do love seeing how creative some of the costumes are and I also enjoy eating a few candy..I feel less guilty eating it on halloween lol

11/02/15 10:16:50AM @soralei:
I walked around tangled in the energy have happiness.It was nice so many happy children. I felt free like swimming in a sea of joy.Personally my night was bland except for that.Oh I dressed up as a nurse and a few people bought I was a child...
11/02/15 11:36:31AM @daydra:

It sounds like you had a great night Rose :) except for being mistaken for a child I assume. I love the energy as well from halloween. Thanks for sharing with me ;)

11/03/15 07:11:35PM @alledius:

Halloween is the best holiday of the year! :-) As for what some say about it being about satan, those people are simply uneducated. They should do some real scholarly research, Halloween is harmless.

11/04/15 12:12:40AM @rene:
I love Halloween! The autumn crisp and little goblins begging for candy. It's a less emotional day for most unlike Thanksgiving, worrying about having to eat at two difference places, stuffing yourself beyond belief or Christmas , the pressures of money being tight. By the time it gets here, your so overwhelm, you can't enjoy it. New Years and the revolutions you know you can not keep then Easter , if your Christian , trying to pull two different beliefs into one then explaining it to a 5 year old. Lol. Yeah, I like Halloween.
11/06/15 10:27:28PM @daydra:

I've come to realize the same as well Alledius that halloween is a harmless holiday.

11/06/15 10:28:23PM @daydra:

lol I like halloween as well Rene. Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

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