What are your thoughts about the Anunnakis and The Pleiadians??

By: Daydra
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Hello everyone I just wanted to address something that I've been wondering about for sometime now. I'm not sure how many are familiar with The Anunnakis or The Pleiadians. I've read and watched a look a videos were some say Anunnakis are good and some say they are bad and the same was said about the Pleiadians. I just wanted to know what everyone thought. So please feel free to share what you know or ask any questions that you might have as I have. This is an open discussion for all.

Thank you :)

10/16/15 08:42:26AM @rene:
To tell the truth, I had to look this up because I had never heard of it but I have lived in a sheltered world. That interesting. Reptiliand... Aliens... That's not the yard I play in. I'm sure they are both good and bad, I have never seen anything that didn't have both traits in some form or fashion, especially within their self. I think the two balances out the universe. I wonder why they are here. To take over Earth? I can think of a couple politicans that are good candidates for the reptillian species. Have you ever met one? I was reading on the characteristics of one.
10/17/15 08:03:58PM @alledius:

I have no opinion on the Pleiadians, as for the Anunnakis, I think it's all a load of bull. Sitchin made up that nonsense involving them and he's been thoroughly debunked.

10/27/15 08:51:04PM @daydra:

No I have never met one Rene...well to tell you the truth I guess I wouldn't know if I did. I lived a very sheltered life as well so I was curious about all of this and wanted to know if anyone knew anything about the both of them.

10/27/15 08:54:20PM @daydra:

Alledius I'm not familiar with what or who Sitchin is lol sorry like I mentioned to Rene I'm very new to all of this. I've just seen a lot of videos and articles talking about the both of them and I just wanted to know if they are real or not. I've heard a few people say that the government are all reptilians actually @Rene but then I've heard a few people say that "us" the regular people are reptilians so I'm not sure what is true or not.

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