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Shaking sensations

By: Dawn Jones
Posted in: Unusual Experiences
Sometimes when I lie down to rest, or start to meditate or just clear my mind, I feel an odd sensation. With my eyes closed, I feel like I'm being shaken up/down, then side to side, then front/back. I can physically feel my eyes making these movements, too. This has happened ever since I can remember, but not every time. Does anyone else experience this? Does anyone have an explanation as to what it is? Thank you ♡
12/05/16 03:51:22PM @hermes:
Yes, it is actually normal to experience this in meditation. That feeling is actually either the astral body wriggling about. In meditation, your awareness will sometimes move to your other subtle bodies. When your astral body is awakening, you will feel some disorientation and it may feel physical. Actually, you can relax, it is nothing to worry about. Consider it something like your astral body stretching itself after a long sleep. After some time, the astral body may dislodge itself and you may then wander the astral realms. There is a video on YouTube that explains it quite well, I think the title is something about supercobsciousness. However, I'd just like to point out the the astral state is not the end state in spiritual development. Most people tend get stuck in the astral part of spiritual development, thinking that it is the end stage. And you can't really blame them, for just like this physical realm the astral realm is also limitless. So, I guess the most important thing is to just enjoy it as much as you can, have adventure, then when you're ready to, look forward to going to higher realms. Best of love on your journeys.