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Dark Sanctuary - La Clameur Du Silence

Category: Music
Duration: 00:06:27
Title: La Clameur Du Silence
Artist: Dark Sanctuary
Album: Thoughts: 9 Years In The Sanctuary
Curious Child
12/22/17 04:37:35PM @curious-child:

Outcry of the silence

Slipping slowly into oversight
Losing smoothly any awareness of life
While clinging to nothing, I drown myself in the meanders
Of memories I don't have...
(It's for centuries I've been wandering now...)
From volutes to volutes, slipping
Soul suspicions that lose their leaves to ravish the flame
Come to me, come into my arms 'cause I'm getting exhausted
Give me the breath I need, then get some sleep snuggled
In the heat of my drive...
You are chaining me up to my destiny... but I don't have one...
Take me where I send you to
May the shadow I'm following be knocked out in the void at last

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