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Hi :3

It was not so long ago since I found out about empaths and HSP people. From all the descriptions I have gone trough in month and everything I learned -I am one of them. I am still learning to read and understand what I sense in my surroundings, but already have much progress.

I am here to seek help, understanding and guidance to this huge world of unknown for me. And I am already grateful for some people who took gently my hand and pointed me in right directions. At least for now I don't believe, that I can help much other people that seek same as I do, because I am inexperienced myself. But always willing to share experiences and thoughts, learn from each other and go trough struggles together.

I like art, music, animals, thinking and seeking reasons for everything that happens in our surroundings and lives, seeking understanding. I love darkness, but prefer to live in light. In light I can help others, while from darkness I learn. I don't have religion so I can accept other peoples beliefs easier and on the go, unless they are harmful to the world. I cant stand arguing. It makes me insecure and run away after saying some silly reason to evade a person. I can talk about serious things like and adult, but deep inside I am a child, that likes to be silly, laugh, run, be wild and pure. I hope here I could put down mask from my face.

My favorite painting now is Deep in Love by Pratap Singh. A painting with a story about separation, hope, faith and of course love in my eyes.

Despite my music tastes can change a lot from peaceful instrumental music to black rock -right now one melody sounds very close to my heart and soul, which is Stefano Mocini's - Once we were angels. It brings me feelings of growing hope, beautiful rise of gaze in the sky and faith, that everything will turn to better. Connecting again to our wings on back, slowly starting to sense them until we can open them wide to the blowing soft wind. And once...We all were angels...Something I always keep in mind.

I am struggling with my inner world again right now. Overreactions, aggression and insecurity, that can make me harm people unintentionally and feel guilty afterwards. I don't want to hurt people, even if they hurt me. I hope from what I will learn and do with guidance from here -I will achieve my peace.

I guess that's it. Very narrow and tiny part of my soul, heart and what I seek :)

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Finding Peace
12/15/17 03:23:20PM @finding-peace:

Hello! Thank you for the comment. <3 I am here if you ever want to share your struggle or compare notes. Maybe we can find peace together. 

01/10/18 11:02:34AM @000:

Hello curious child,

If you can, please send me a message about the kind of reading you would like, and we can go from there 

Curious Child
01/11/18 01:01:51PM @curious-child:


Hello curious child,

If you can, please send me a message about the kind of reading you would like, and we can go from there 

Hi, Hana!

I don't know O_o What kind of readings there is? But basically I want to know what can you tell about of who I am. Bad sides I need to work on and good sides I should strengthen. Say something hidden, that I can find myself. And your suggestions I could consider. So read me the way you prefer (preferably less draining for you), since I am only starting this path...What if I am just imagining everything and will wake up after our talk in my bed O_O And actually I feel a bit guilty if I do that...Eh, because it will take your energies and I want you to be well...

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