Bye Everyone!

By: Crownite
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Thank you to the people I've met while on here. I'm not a very active member but I do appreciate that I've had a place to write and express myself while here.

At the moment, I'm working on refocusing my energy. I learned that I do belong in the world, the real world, and I've found that using forums and online social media isn't to my benefit as I've been using it for escapism more so than for a place to learn. My life isn't emotionally charged or very complicated but what little there is, I need to take the time and focus on it. Something in me has changed and I'm not longer looking to change the world but to come to terms with it and this requires my focus.

Good luck to all of you!


Kit Kat
09/03/15 11:04:14PM @kit-kat:

Hope to see you here again! Good luck to you, too!