Doing Okay, Nothing Major

By: Crownite
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I've been kind of away for a while (kind of). I've been taking a month off from work and just letting my thoughts run free and whatever whatever. lol I stumbled upon some really good and really necessary information in my research and it kind of helped to get me back on track. I realize that I need to be careful with who I allow in my circle as I'm starting to realize that they not only bring themselves and their energy but the energy of the people around them (if they're not mindful and are easily influenced). So for a long time I was letting some very heavy energies into my life and not realizing how it was contributing to my exhaust and mental fatigue. I'm better now though.

I finally finished my first travel assignment and I feel really good about it. Driving across the U.S is actually pretty neat to me and is intriguing and throughout the process, things seem to be falling into place that I think will allow me to continue to lead the life I want to lead and set myself up well for a good and possibly early retirement. Also, I don't really have any attachments so life is pretty easy at the moment.

I will say this though...I'm seeking enthusiasm. I want to be excited about life again and I haven't exactly found that thing inspires me to see inspiration in everything else. I know exactly when that light went out but that doesn't matter. I want to pick it back up again and get myself back into a place where I'm enthusiastic about it all again.