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Living in the Moment

By: Corey Easton
Posted in: Spirituallity

What we never take fully appreciate in life is the stillness and perfection of the present moment. We always hear that “you should live in the moment”. But how exactly do we but this into practice and what are the benefits of living in the moment? To put this into practice we need to understand the value that living in the moment can give us. To live in the moment, you need to be fully immersed in this exact moment. Not what you did 10 minutes ago, about the Frappuccino you are going to be getting at Starbucks shortly. Or even thinking about you how much a dick your boss is. You see because when you think about the past you are giving you power to the past and not to the present moment. It is the same idea when giving your power to the future or giving your power to negative thoughts. Living in the moment is not an easy task because it takes 100% concentration. Your value of the present moment needs to be greater than anything else going on in your life. Or else your mind will wander.

So why should we live in the present moment. First of all its brings your awareness to the beauty of the world and how special each moment in life is. There is no point in time that is going to be the same as that exact moment. Each moment is unique. There is no better time to create your future then in the moment, you can consciously choose that you want to change your life for the better. When you are giving your power to negative thoughts, guilt from the past, your fears, or worries about the future you are manifesting those same feelings into your future. Also, you do not have enough power to create the future that you have always wanted because you are constantly giving this “power” away. Many of us have cycles in life of the same instance occurring over and over again and we never understand why, by living in the moment it will bring awareness and self-reflection to what is going on in our lives and can help us understand how we are to grow and learn from the past to break out of a repetitive cycle. So have a good look at nature today and look for the beauty in every moment

Indigo Dog
07/24/17 06:06:31PM @indigo-dog:

I love this.

09/06/17 08:27:03PM @judith:

Yes! This is the way to go. Seeing beauty in all things and being quite to let it all soak in. It can do you so good. It can free you from all the negativity. So yes I do this on a daily basis. At some point of the day I go onto my porch and watch the birds and squirrels. See the beauty and listen. Always makes may day so much better.