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Pushing The Ego Aside

By: Corey Easton
Posted in: Spirituallity

This is from my own experience and how I “pushed my ego aside”.

My first step to getting rid of my ego was to realize my ego was not my friend anymore it was a threat to me and the people I love around me. You see when you view someone as your friend it is hard to notice the evil they are doing behind your back when your not looking.

So when I looked at my ego as a threat to me, my happiness and people around me I could monitor it, it could no longer do evil without me knowing. It was not tip toeing in the background anymore I watched it and saw the true evil.

I am gonna explain to you what the ego does with a explanation and a example. The ego is like a cloud that floats above our head all of our focus goes to it. this cloud produces lets just say about 1000 thoughts per day. These are the type of thoughts that automatically judge people when you are walking past them based on there weight, ethnicity…etc. You see the ego like to build itself up it likes to make you feel good and better about yourself but every time it is doing this you are actually losing more control in your life, it is a false illusion. The ego is the reason why sometimes you feel like your in a jail cell in your own mind. BECAUSE YOU ARE!

This is a long process this is not a sprint, you need to be extremely patience and aware, so I am watching my ego and I catch it right before it is about to give me a thought about making fun of someone because of there weight, I got one down now my ego will give me 999 thoughts per day, just using the number as a example. So I keep doing this and one day even if it is for 10 minutes my ego cloud goes away and my focus goes on my body for the first time ever this experience will change you forever, and I feel how the energy flows in my body and feel the chakra’s. Even if this only lasts for 10 minute you begin to realize the universal consciousness. This will motivate you to continue the battle against your ego it is not easy and not for everyone, its all about how bad to you want to better yourself and your life, I made that decision when I was battling a lot of mental disorders and it was either my life was going to end or I was going to take up arms against my ego.

I will use one more example that lead me to some of the explanations above when we have trauma in our childhood and during are teenage/adult years it will try to heal itself by releasing this trauma experience from our body by removing the “trauma energy” the problem is it hits our ego and we can not stop thinking about it so the trauma goes back into our body and never releases, when we put our ego to the side we can realize that trauma energy want to escape and lead it the exit so we no longer hold onto this weight anymore. exit stands for a lot more which would be an entire discussion itself.