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10 months ago
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Greetings earthlings from the Sovereign Planet of Earth
(just kidding).
Hi guys, you know, life is an amazing and multi-faceted experience. It has so many woderful sights if you know where to look. It can also be mind boggling puzzling if you don't know where to look. Wouldn't it be great if we could just pick up our phones, turn on an app and say 'OK, show me the map of life, show me directions to the nearest bliss'.
But then, who's to say that we don't already have that. Perhaps some of us already have it and use it unknowingly, perhaps some of us just need to visit the ab(ility) store or playful store and have it installed. We are already in possesion of the most amazing device in the whole universe, anything should be possible, right?
So, today, I'm here to tell you not of the map, but the next best thing, the compass. So how do we go about accessing this compass? Thats the easy part, just stop doing anything. Just stop doing, stop thinking and stop being anything. In practical use, it goes like this, let's say there's a deadline looming and your stomach's tied in knots thinking about it. You stay up until early morning to maximize every second. You drink more coffee than you should, you drink more energy drinks than you should. You say as many affirmations as you can, and your bedroom is a shrine towards your project. Stop. Rewind.
You have a deadline looming, your stomach's tied in knots. Stop. Right now, in that moment don't do anything. No thinking either. Your inner emotions (gut feelings) have just shown you your intentions. If you haven't noticed, wherever it is you're headed has the intention of getting you into an intense emotional situation. Probably not when you successfully hand over the job, in time for the deadline. Yet maybe afterwards, when you start to realize the actual cost of the sacrifices you made.
So what can you do, you obviously love what you do and you'd really like to complete this job as it's meaningdul to you. Well, there are many things you can do, but first, realign your inner direction. And to do that is just so easy. Just stop, pause, check your inner emotions. Initialize an inner emotion of joy and fulfilment. Now start asking yourself meaningful pre-empted questions, like 'What would I enjoy about completing this job', 'who else will benefit from what I do', 'how great will it be to see the satisfaction on my clients face'. You can answer these questions yourself, or you can wait until you hear your inner voice answer for you. Once you have the answer, check your gut again. Is it still stuck in knots or have the knots unbinded and the energy spread throughout your body. So, take a moment to check that. If the knots have untied, great, you should now feel positively anticipating the deadline. In other words, you probably can't wait to show the product of your work to your client/boss/team. Any rituals and affirmations that you now do will be based on this positive energy and would now increase your momentum.
Now then, if your stomach is still in knots, don't worry. The first thing you have to do is don't worry, no matter how logical and enticing 'thinking about it' seems. You have to understand that logical things only work in things related to the mind, and this is something beyond its jurisdiction. The next thing you have to do is take it slow. Every action you take and thought you have from this base is bringing you in an unaligned direction, so take it slow, don't rush. We are slowing down so you can stop and turn without skidding off the road. The next possible chance you get, stop and check your inner emotions / gut feelings and do some unbinding. If still you don't succeed it's ok, just try again later. Each successive unbinding loosens it more and more. Alternatively, maybe check your inner emotions against not completing the job / handing it over to someone else. Perhaps you feel free just thinking that way. If that's the case, then that is what you will get. You never know, it's possible you want to be free to undertake something more meaningful.
Let's look at a different example, something more abstract. Let's say, you are at a junction, where you can go left or right. Pause, relax and imagine going right. Stop. Check your inner emotion. Is it pleasant or unpleasant? Next, do the same thing, but this time imagine going left. How does that feel, is it pleasant or unpleasant? If both are pleasant, then weigh them against each other, which feels more pleasant, or feels like a type of pleasantness you would like to experience next. If both are unpleasant, maybe you should consider turning back and see how that feels. If that feels unpleasant too, then see for other options, or choose the least unpleasant one for now. Later, at a different junction, you can check for better options.

As always, practice make perfect, and you might find that perfecting this ability will be quite beneficial.
So go ahead guys, free yourselves to be the Sovereign of your own lives.
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10 months ago
410 posts

Great post and good info, Hermes. Easier said than done with the first scenario, though I find stopping to breathe and meditate really helps with calming before trying to change the direction of your thoughts. 

Stopping to check in with yourself before making a decision is good advice too. It's always good to pause. In fact, we should all do it more often :)

Thanks for the post!

Cat Whisperer
10 months ago
726 posts
Loved the post...and so true! You have such a wonderful insight. Slowing down is what everyone should practice too...especially in these hectic times. I try to make affirmations a daily thing, they have brought positive results.
10 months ago
104 posts
Thank You for the feedback, @lotusfly and @cat-whisperer :). Having insight is something that I find very enjoyable, and when you enjoy something so much, you want everyone else to have it too (because if everyone has their own, they won't bother taking mine, hehe). I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I encourage everyone to share their unique perspectives as I believe we all came here to earth to express something unique.

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