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Hop Daddy
3 years ago
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From what I hear it doesn't make a difference. I personally like tumbled stones better due to smooth texture and usually the stone colors show better when polished out from being tumbled. But tourmaline is a bit fragile and chips easy so I'm not sure if it can easily be tumbled. My personal take is that my raw black tourmaline works really well and I also seem to notice a big difference with a tumbled rose quartz and moon stone that I carry around.

I do notice that my protection stones (black tourmaline, black onyx, shungite), get a bit weak each day when I have them on me for 12-18 hours. So I have two sets of each and leave one in the sun to charge and alternate which set I have in my pocket each day. That seems to keep them effective and helps me have a calm and normal day.

How's your baby boy?

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